Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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The fellowship of the Ring

December 26th 2001

The Two Towers

December 2002

The Return of the King

December 2003

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Third Trailer

coming soon!

The third trailer is due out sometime in September. We’ll keep you informed!

Trailer Downloads


Check out this site Movie-List.com it has a list of links to all of the trailers! [here]

Second Trailer released!

The second trailer hit Aussie Cinemas on June 7. Be careful however and phone ahead some cinemas still only have the first trailer and some have none at all!!

Sideshow Weta Collectables


Want to check out some official LOTR collectables? Many Figures, busts and helms to wet your appetite [here]

Opening Date

Dec 26th

The first instalment of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy will hit Australian cinemas on Boxing Day ’01. The NZ date was pushed forward to Dec 19th. We’ll have to wait and see if Australia will do the same

First Trailer released!

The first cinematic trailer hit Aussie Cinemas in January. You may catch it at some smaller cinemas still but your best bet is to download it off the net. [here]

Internet Preview Trailer released!

The first look at LOTR in the form of an internet preview trailer can be found at many sites. Click on the link to check it out. [here]


Latest News and Rumours

[ Archive ~ June 2001]


Rough Cut Complete!


FilmFour.com has a short article up concerning Peter Jackson’s Rough Cut of FOTR. There is still work to be done on the score and a number of actors are required to re-record their lines! [here]


American Boycott of LOTR!!!!


Over at TORN there is a post about American Cinema chains boycotting Fellowship of the Ring as a result of changes in distribution contracts for theatres. At this stage there is no problem with Australian Cinemas. Follow this link to Cinescape.com to check out the article. [here]


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Directed by:

Peter Jackson

Written by:

J.R.R. Tolkien

Screenplay by:

Frances Walsh
Philippa Boyens
Stephen Sinclair
Peter Jackson


Elijah Wood
Ian McKellen

Ian Holm
Sean Astin
Viggo Mortensen
Billy Boyd
Dominic Monaghan
John Rhys-Davies
Orlando Bloom
Sean Bean
Christopher Lee
Liv Tyler
Andy Serkis
Cate Blanchett
Brian Sargent
Brad Dourif
Craig Parker
Bernard Hill
David Wenham
Joel Tobeck

Miranda Otto

Karl Urban

Nathaniel Lees

Harry Sinclair

Bruce Spence

Hugo Weaving

Produced by:

Barrie Osborne
Peter Jackson


John Gilbert
Jamie Selkirk

Concept Design:

John Howe
Alan Lee

Digital Effects:

WETA Workshop


New Line Cinema

Aus Distributer: